The Building Process

We follow a standard building process ensuring the project delivery is methodical, efficient and transparent. Communication is key and we are in touch with you throughout your project, and coordinate work to minimise disruption to your household.

We listen to understand your vision, goals and any constraints, then tailor your project to your priorities. 

1 - Initial consultation

When you book a consultation, we’ll visit you at home to identify your requirements. We then turn these into a concept sketch and provide a project cost estimate. If you then wish to go ahead, a design development contract is entered into outlining the project deliverables, stages, timing and actual costs. From here, once you approve the project development we’re on the way to making it all happen.

2 - Design development and feasibility

Our design team gather all the detailed requirements and develop the concept to final options.

3 - Full design development 

Working drawings are produced to show exactly how the final design will look and work. When you have approved the working drawings and project management plan, a construction contract is entered into to guide the build stage.  It is at this point that applications for any required consents are lodged.

4 - Construction 

During construction we provide all services needed to build your project. We will do everything we can to reduce disruption, including organising discounted furniture removals, storage or even hotel accommodation if you need to move out. We’ll keep you updated on progress and ensure your build is smooth and stress-free. 

5 - Completion 

Once work is completed and all aspects of the contract are delivered - on time and to budget - the project is complete and you can enjoy your beautiful new space.

6 - Follow up

Your MDG Renovations project manager will follow up with you 3, 6 and 12 months after the project is completed to ensure it continues to deliver on it's goals.

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